Is different the region of magallanes business cycle regarding the national business cycle?

10 octubre, 2017 -

Cristian Mondaca-Marino(a), Julio Rojas-Mora(b).

(a) Instituto de Economía, Universidad Austral de Chile, Campus Isla Teja, Valdivia. Chile.
(b) Departamento de Ingeniería en Informática, Universidad Católica de Temuco, Temuco, Chile.

Volumen: 45(2) Páginas: 151-164
Fecha de publicación: 10 de Octubre de 2017


The objective of this study was to analyze the degree of synchronism between the economic cycle of the Magallanes Region and the national economic cycle for the period 1985-2010. To determine the business cycle has been used the Harding and Pagan (2002) procedure and the synchronization with the Pearson contingency index has been measured. Our results show evidence of different degrees of synchronism between the regional business cycles with respect to the national business cycle, highlighting the region of Magallanes due to its lower and greater volatility of economic growth, and to present a low degree of synchronism between its business cycle and the national business cycle, as well as with the cycles of the other regions.

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