A study of the transmission of ethical values

25 octubre, 2017 -

Ferrés, P.M.(a), Gajardo, N.V.(a)

(a)Economics Department, Catholic University of Temuco, Temuco, Chile


Volumen: 24(3) Páginas: 1-11

DOI: 10.18848/2327-7955/CGP

Fecha de publicación: 2017


This study focuses on the transmission of ethical and moral values to undergraduate students in the classroom. It is important not only to teach content from a particular discipline but also to collaborate with the integral development of future professionals. This study focuses on an engineering program at the Universidad Católica de Temuco. In order to gather information without altering the behavior of the subjects, the participant-observation approach was used. The results of the data reflect a complex reality in this area, given that the necessary spaces have not been created to be able to establish an interaction that allows better work in this area. The conclusions are presented with the results, as well as an assessment of the fieldwork and its limitations. A proposal is analyzed with the aim of doing better work in this particular field and, in that case, improving students’ general education.


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